George Junus Aditjondro: an uncompromising activist


Heryanto, Ariel (2016) “George Junus Aditjondro: an uncompromising activist”, Indonesia at Melbourne, 19/12/2016,

keywords: anti-corruption, obituary, Papua, public intellectual, Salatiga, Timor, UKSW

Massacre, memory and the wounds of 1965

2016_05_02 NM Massacre, memory and the wounds of 1965-c

Heryanto, Ariel (2016) “Massacre, memory and the wounds of 1965”, New Mandala, 2/05/2016,

key words: activists, Agus Widjojo, human rights, Luhut Panjaitan, military

Asia literacy: A deeply problematic metaphor

2015_Asia literacy_ A deeply problematic metaphor-c

In many parts of Asia, smiling does not mean being happy, amused or friendly. Some Indonesians cannot utter a complete sentence without a burst of giggles, regardless of the topic. When I first lived abroad, I worked very hard to learn not to smile ‘too much’, so not to risk offending people.

Heryanto, Ariel (2015) “Asia literacy: A deeply problematic metaphor”, in C. Johnson, V. Mackie and T. Morris-Suzuki (eds), The Social Sciences in The Asian Century, Canberra: ANU Press, pp. 171-189.

keywords: digital technology, Euro-American centricism, literacy, new media, privacy, orality, smile

The Cinematic Contest of Popular Post-Islamism

2014_The Cinematic Contest of Popular Post-Islamism-c

Heryanto, Ariel (2014) “The Cinematic Contest of Popular Post-Islamism”, in J. Schlehe and E. Sandkühler (eds), Religion, Tradition and the Popular; Transcultural Views from Asia and Europe, Bielefeld: transcript, pp.139-156.

keywords: Ayat-ayat Cinta, Islamisation, New Order, post-Islamism, youth

Popular Culture for a New Southeast Asian Studies?

2013_Popular Culture for a New SEAS-c

Heryanto, Ariel (2013) “Popular Culture for a New Southeast Asian Studies?”, in Park S.W and V. King (eds), The Historical Construction of Southeast Asian Studies; Korea and Beyond, Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, pp. 226-262.

keywords: Asianization, area studies, intra-Asia, Korean Wave, Meteor Garden, new media, popular culture, Southeast Asian Studies

Upgraded Piety and Pleasure: The New Middle Class and Islam in Indonesian Popular Culture

2011_Upgraded Piety-c

“The sustained growth of the Indonesian new rich in the past three decades has included a substantial number of pious Muslims. Despite the latter’s ascendancy in the political and economic spheres, only recently have they begun to have both the urge and the power to thread their way into the cultural sphere, where Western and predominantly American pop culture have held sway for nearly a century.”

Heryanto, Ariel (2011) “Upgraded Piety and Pleasure: The New Middle Class and Islam in Indonesian Popular Culture”, in A. N. Weintraub (ed.), Islam and Popular Culture in Indonesia and Malaysia, London: Routledge, pp. 60-82.

keywords: Ayat-ayat Cinta, commercialization, commodification, piety, polygamy, religion, veil, youth

The Look of Love: New Engagements with the Oriental in Indonesian Popular Culture


Heryanto, Ariel (2010) “The Look of Love: New Engagements with the Oriental in Indonesian Popular Culture”, in D. Shim, A. Heryanto, and U. Siriyuvasak (eds), Pop Culture Formations Across East Asia, Seoul: Jimoondang, pp. 209-231.

keywords: Asianization, Chineseness, inter-Asia, K-Wave, middle class, oriental, racism, religion, women