Asians Studying Asians

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“What is Asian Studies anyway?” Is it an intellectual exercise that finds its definition primarily in its devotion to the specific object of study, rather than its inclinations towards particular set of approaches, methodologies, or strategies of learning that distinguish it from other and more conventional academic disciplines?”

“Who are Asians, or better who qualify as Asians, on what basis, for how long, and where? . . . How long a period of absence [from Asia] would disqualify her/him? Can s/he re-claim her/his eligibility by repatriation, and for how long does her/his return have last before such requalification can take effect?”

Heryanto, Ariel (2000) “Asians Studying Asians”, SEAS Bulletin, 2 (Oct): 4-7.

keywords: Asianness, Cold War, colonial, history, intelligentsia, positions, SEAS Bulletin social space, subjecthood

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