Flaws of riot media coverage

The mid-May violence in Jakarta and several other cities could best be described as racialized state-terrorism, rather than racially motivated mass riots. Failure to recognize the difference has been alarmingly endemic in media coverage. … Not only can such misleading coverage boost racial antagonism, more seriously it implicitly exonerates the real culprits.

Heryanto, Ariel (1998) “Flaws of riot media coverage”, The Jakarta Post, 15 July 1998: 4.

keywords: May 1998, Jakarta Post, masculine, militarized, racism, riots, state terrorism, violence

also re-published in the following versions:

  • Heryanto, Ariel (1998) “May riots: Racism not to blame”, The Straits Times, 20 July 1998: 34.
  • Heryanto, Ariel (1998) Lianhe Zaobao, 26 July 1998: 4,
  • Heryanto, Ariel (1998) “State-terrorism fuels riots and rapes”, The Nation, 27 July 1998: 5.
  • Heryanto, Ariel (1998) “Jalajol Indonesia: pho.ko.ro. kha jek” (The Indonesian Riot: Massacra of Chinese by State Terrorists], Nation Sudsapda, 7: 322, 6-12 August 1998: 27,
  • Heryanto, Ariel (1998) “Jalajol Indonesia: wiphak seu sabson” (The Indonesian Riot: A Critique of Confusing Media Reports), Nation Sudsapda, 7: 323, 13-19 August 1998: 18.
  • Heryanto, Ariel (1998) “Flawed Media Coverage”, Aliran Monthly, 18 (7), Agustus 1998: 11-13.
  • Heryanto, Ariel (1998) “Terorisme Negara dengan Isu Rasial”, Jawa Pos, 24 Agustus 1998.
  • Heryanto, Ariel (1998) “Terorisme Negara dengan Isu Rasial”, dalam Leo Suryadinata (ed), Pemikiran Politik Etnis Tionghoa Indonesia 1900-2002, Jakarta: LP3ES, 2005: 369-373.

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