Credibility of Judiciary under Public Scrutiny

1994_05_05_JP Credibility of judiciary under public scrunity-c

“The disavowal reached a climax on the day of the verdict was passed when crowds of young strangers appeared in the court building to meet Nurhayati and Sihol, two judges in Nuku’s trial. It turned out that these young people came to look for jobs listed in two fake advertisements. Then an ambulance arrived at the building intending to rescue Nurhayati, as requested by someone who identified himself as Sihol. Before long a Pizza Hut delivery service entered the scene, adding to the spectacle.”

Heryanto, Ariel (1994) “Credibility of Judiciary under Public Scrutiny”, The Jakarta Post, 5 May 1994: 1.

keywords: Jakarta Post, judiciary, Marsinah, Nuku Soleiman, Xanana Gusmao

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